Project area

Area I:

Inventory: tributary Wörnitz, Donauspitz

Measures: Shore flattening, ecological bank design and stairway, gravel groynes and bed load influx

Area II:

Inventory: Historical bank wall

Measures: Ecological stairway, boat landing stage, navigable channel, gravel ramps, V-ramp, covered river bed, river bed protection measures, floodplain structure

Area III:

Inventory: steep embankment and hardly any shoreline path

Measures: Shore flattening, bed load, covered river bed, river bed protection measures, floodplain structure


Leading manager:

LEW – Waterworks
Project manager
Ralf Klocke

LEW Wasserkraft GmbH
Schaezlerstraße 3
86150 Augsburg


City marketing head, CID
Christiane Kickum

office 109

Telefon: +49 906 789-700

Detailed views

Water catalog

In the preface (only available in german) of the water catalog of the German Rowing Association, the passage in Donauwörth is described as follows:

"A reconnaissance on land to assess the passage of the bridges and the overall passage at Donauwörth is advisable due to the changing water levels and flow conditions.
Planning for flood protection in the city area has been underway since 2019. In addition, a safe navigation channel is to be created at the Danube bridge up to the so-called Old Danube Port and docking and watering facilities for pleasure boats on the left bank in this area."
The exact description can be found in the Danube waterways catalog here (only available in german).