Public Participation

An important element of the project is the involvement of citizens. This is achieved primarily through information and active participation. Objectives, measures and individual steps are presented as transparently as possible, especially here on the website but also, for example, on Facebook as well as the dissemination via press releases and the municipal newsletter.

Interested citizens can participate in informational evenings. Furthermore, workshops and citizen surveys on specific topics are planned.

Those affected by the project, such as residents and water sports enthusiasts, will be directly involved.

The aim is the identification of the involved people with the project goals and measures.

At the moment the youth survey is taking place - click here to participate (only available in german).


You have ideas, suggestions or wishes - then get involved!

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Online public participation 01.12.2021

On December 1, the public participation round took place as an online meeting. Unfortunately, a face-to-face meeting was not possible due to the pandemic situation. Ralf Klocke (LEW) presented the current status of the plans for City River and the stabilization of the riverbed. Here (only available in german) the direct link to presentation of Mr. Klocke.  Sebastian Blass explained the bank extension at the wilderness. You will find the direct link to the presentation of Mr. Blass here (only available in german).
Here (only available in german) you can find the protocol of the meeting.


Ludwig Martin Büttner of the German Rowing Association's Rowing Areas Department made the following suggestions:
The mooring and disembarkation site suitable for rowing boats should not be provided in the outlet of the Wörnitz. Otherwise, rowing boats would have to perform the maneuver of almost an entire turn to enter the Wörnitz in stronger currents. Rowing boats always moor uphill in flowing water. If it is possible and there is sufficient space, the "stairway" should be built according to our sketch (only available in german) lie in the area of the old harbor.

Bank expansion

On July 22, residents of Pappelweg, Erlenweg and Schützenring were present to discuss the possible location of a bank widening. Very important to the numerous participants was the topic of flood protection. Ralf Klocke, project manager at LEW Wasserkraft, pointed out that only measures that are coordinated with the Water Management Office and ensure flood protection would be implemented. In order to find suitable locations for the bank flattening, test trenches will be carried out in August. These should provide information on what the soil conditions are like in the areas. It was also important to those present, as it was to the residents on Schützenring at the beginning of March, that the tree population in the area around the flood basin be preserved. This is a concern that is already being taken into account by the responsible floodplain institute in Neuburg.

Donauspitz 8.7.2020

In another round of talks, the city of Donauwörth together with LEW invited the residents at the Donauspitz and the opposite bank. After a presentation of ideas and design proposals using the example of the mouth of the river Naum in Günzburg, many points were raised from the round. In a lively discussion, the plan to make the Donauspitz accessible and also for children to experience was expressly supported by those present. In addition, the wish was expressed to preserve the "Gebhard Square" directly at the Donauspitz.

You can find the protocol here (only available in german).

Fishing Consortium 7.7.2020

On July 7, project manager Ralf Klocke, LEW Wasserkraft, and city marketing manager Christiane Kickum held a meeting with the Donauwörth fishery consortium, represented by the Härpfer family. The two most important goals of the project with regard to fisheries are the creation of spawning grounds and habitats for young fish or their food (microorganisms). In order to prove the success of the project with regard to these objectives, a survey of the fish population in the Danube must be carried out in advance. This requires the consent and assistance of the local fishermen, which has been signaled by the consortium.

You can find the protocol here (only available in german).

German and Bavarian Rowing Association

It has long been known in rowing circles that the passage at Donauwörth km 2511.9 to km 2508.2 can only be managed with difficulty during changing water levels. Therefore, the German and Bavarian Rowing Association will participate in the City River project.

File note here (only available in german).

Residents Schützenring

On 5th of March 2020 a meeting with the residents at Schützenring took place. At this meeting the project was briefly presented and the following wishes of the residents were taken up:

Flood protection in sufficient height absolutely necessary

Design of flood protection: no "immurement

Path at the Danube must remain

Visual axis of the Danube should be maintained

Maintaining the surface area of the upper embankment, especially for buildings near the border

St. Johannes Foundation: Creation of a barrier-free access from “Zirgesheimerstrasse” to the Danube, path through the terrain

Flood protection is also necessary from the “Schützengilde” to the sewage treatment plant, no dam available, but only Schießwall.

Exhibition and workshop

31.01. - 28.02.2020 Exhibition and workshop "CityRiver"

at the LEW - energy store, Reichsstraße 49
Press release here (only available in german)
Picture gallery here (only available in german)


Communities and associations of the water users / environment

On 14.12.2019, water sports enthusiasts, water users, rescue services as well as nature and sustainability associations met to exchange information about a sustainable and holistic change for the benefit of the river habitat in the city area in the interest of animals, plants as well as the citizens and guests of the city and to work out individual ideas and suggestions for the city of Donauwörth.

Protocol of results here (only available in german).

Citizen survey harbour festival

At the harbour festival 2017 on the occasion of the completion of the construction measures at the Old Danube Harbour, visitors were asked about their wishes for measures on the water. The proposed projects (only available in german) were evaluated by awarding points.

Over 600 citizens voted as follows:

continuous foot and cycle path to Ried 514

Gastronomy on the water 314

Floating gastronomy 312

City beach 276

Water playground 172

Historical slewing crane 137

Shingle beaches 133

Shore staircases 119

Pedestrian crosswalk/railway bridge/highway bridge 66

Sun terraces 64

Navigable channel for boaters 49

Hythe/-pier 45

Art on the river 42

Presentation Fishermen/Fish 38

Educational trail in the flood channel 27

Restoration of the confluence/Schmutter-junction 19