Welcome to the Werner Egk Meeting Place

Bilder: Stefan Sisulak

The Composer Werner Egk

Werner Joseph Mayer was born in Auchsesheim, a village near Donauwörth, in 1901. After he graduated from High School in Augsburg, he studied musical theory, composition and conduction with Carl Orff in Munich. Under the artist name Werner Egk he wrote numerours operas, ballets and concerts. Die Zaubergeige (The Magic Violin), Peer Gynt and Abraxas are some of his best known works. He died on 10th July 1983 in Inning at lake Ammersee. Werner Egk and his wife Elisabeth Karl are buried in the cemetary of Donauwörth.

At the Werner Egk Meeting Place visitors can see his grand piano, pieces of personal merorabilia, books, scores, documents, manuscripts and stage models. An audio station plays 18 hours of Werner Egk compositions.

The Werner Egk Meeting Place also recognizes the work of the awardees of the town's Werner-Egk-Cultural-Award. Since 1973, distinguished personalities of the contemporary and intellectual history are awarded with this award.