Welcome to the Museum of Local History

Bilder: Stefan Sisulak
Bilder: Stefan Sisulak

Visit the historic fisher's house on the Ried island

Right at the center of Donauwörth's Ried island, you find the Museum of Local History. A charming house, that allows you to dive right into the cultural history of Donauwörth.

In 2002, the Museum of Local History was re-opened with a new concept after renovation works. The red painted building dates back to 1480, and was once a fisher's house. In the 19th century it was the home of a farmer's family and, since 1932 the building houses a museum for the cultural history and handcraft of our region.

The ground floor is dedicated to fishery. The first settlers of the Ried island were fishermen who worked on the river Wörnitz and on the Danube. A special exhibit tells the story of lock and key and the story of Donauwörth's last local smith, Josef Guggenmos, who lived from 1897 to 1977.

An old kitchen with open fire, a pantry, a living room and a bedroom show how our great-grandparents used to live. Decorated costumes and bonnets show the typical fashion of ancient times.

A collection of votive motives of the surrounding pilgrim's destinations tell adventuresome stories of ancient times.