Welcome to the Käthe-Kruse-Doll-Museum

The doll artist Käthe Kruse

Donauwörth's high class doll collection of the Käthe-Kruse-Doll-Museum is located in the historic building of the former Capucin Monastery. The building dates back to 1630 and was elaborately renovated by the town. The unique doll collection was donated to the town by Käthe Kruse's daughter Hanne Adler-Kruse and her husband Heinz Adler in 1988.

In a former monk's cell you will see the famous life-size Käthe Kruse mannequins. One group of exotic looking mannequins was made especially for the New York World Exhibition of 1939, and displayed at the pavilion of the Netherlands-West India.

Texts and pictures give interesting facts and details of Käthe Kruse's life and work, about the history and development of the doll company, which was founded in Berlin, relocated in Bad Kösen and, today, is situated in Donauwörth. At a 'telephone booth' you can listen to an original recording of Käthe Kruse who tells the charming story of her dolls.

One room is completely dedicated to the making of Käthe Kruse dolls. You will see doll bodies stuffed with reindeer hair, hand-knotted real hair wigs, fabrics, tools and equipment and a painter's workplace. All the different work steps are explained and give a good picture of the elaborate handcraft that is necessary to make a Käthe Kruse doll.