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Wappen Donauwörth

Tema dell'anno del turismo 2017

Tema dell'anno del turismo 2017 “…on the pulse of time“

A multitude of events will be offered in 2017 in our large town located on the Danube. The remembrance of “500 years of the Reformation” will be celebrated with concerts, lectures, ecumenical services and exhibitions. Moreover, the series of events of the “Kultur-Frühling” and the “Donauwörther Kulturtage” in autumn will provide you with brilliant events, while our children will enjoy themselves on the occasion of the “Kinder-Kulturtage” and “Kinder & Klassik”.

There will be a special exhibition at the Käthe-Kruse-Museum in celebration of the 60th birthday of the classic doll “Däumlinchen”, which illustrates the creation and the history of one of the most popular doll models of the Käthe-Kruse-Company. The exhibition takes place from May 13th until October 1st in 2017, Tuesdays till Sundays, 11am – 6pm.

The very popular “Donauwörther Reichsstraßenfest” takes places from July 19th until July 22nd in 2017. One of the most beautiful streets of houses of Southern Germany serves as a festive façade. A top-class music- and culture programme and our Danubian-Swabian hospitality with regional specialties invite you to spend some fabulous hours at this very special event. This distinctive citizen celebration taking place every two years succeeds in managing the balancing act between tradition and modernity and is most popular with both the citizens of Donauwörth and our guests from near and far.

Experience the year 2017 with us… on the pulse of time!