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Only 4 km from the historic town centre and only 500 m from the Parkstadt lies Donauwörth's golf course. In 1996/97, it was laid out on 92 hectares around “Gut Lederstatt” and “Schießerhof”. The countryside with gentle slopes is calm and enclosed on three sides by deep green woodland. The southern side is open to a wide view into the Danube valley. On very clear days, you can see the Alps. The 18-hole golf course is challenging, even for experienced players and the wide fairways offer many variations for beginners. According to  press reports it is an excellent course “full of action” and many golfers refer to it as one of Bavaria's best golf courses. Exemplary training facilities, a driving range with 3 pitching greens, 2 bunkers and a 1100 square metres 18-hole putting green. 3 additional training lanes complete the grounds.
Playing Donauwörth's golf course at “Gut Lederstatt” is a golfing highlight –that is our promise.

Golf Course Donauwörth – Gut Lederstatt

Founded: 1995
Course: 18-hole-course, par 72 + 3-hole- training-lane
white: 6168 m CR 73, 3, SL 133 men
yellow: 5939 m CR 71,9, SL 133 men
blue: 5455 m CR 75,2, SL 133 women
red: 5239 m CR 73,6, SL 130 women
Driving range and training lanes are public and usable without DGV-membership and without course permit (extra charge).
Catering: phone 0049 906 / 40 47

Special offer for horse owners
On the grounds lies the “Schießerhof”, a riding stable with coppices and an outdoor parcours. You also have the possibility to take cross-country rides around the grounds. You are very welcome to bring your horse and thus combine your golfing experience with a riding holiday. Your horse will be taken care of by experienced stable personnel.

Golfing Week
Golfers who would like to spend a whole week playing our golf course are welcome at Donauwört's hotels.



Städt. Tourist-Information Donauwörth
Rathausgasse 1
86609 Donauwörth
phone: 0049 906 789-151
fax: 0049 906 789-159

Beginner's course
As a special arrangement, the golf club offers to learn golfing at “Gut Lederstatt”. For the beginners course and for the use of all training facilities including the 3-hole-training lane, a membership of a golf club is not required. For playing the 18-hole golf course, you need a DGV- or VcG-membership card with a club request of at least 54 (=PE).

Additional information

Golf-Club Donauwörth - Gut Lederstatt e.V.
Lederstatt 1
86609 Donauwörth / Stadtteil Parkstadt
phone: 0049 906 4044
fax: 0049 906 9998164

Catering in the clubhouse:
Thomas Gallenberger, phone: 0049 906 4047