Große Kreisstadt Donauwörth - barrierefreie Version

Wappen Donauwörth

From the Meistersingers to Werner Egk

Guided tour of Donauwörth
Donauwörth's district of Auchsesheim is the birthplace of the contemporary composer Werner Egk (1901 - 1983). The Werner-Egk-Meeting-Place gives you detailed information about the life and work of Donauwörth's freeman.

Astonishing as it may seem, Donauwörth can be connected with numerous other composers, musicians and instrument makers - or would you have connected our town with the Meistersingers, with Mozart, Hochbrucker or Bühler?

Duration: 90 minutes
Maximum of 25 persons per group
Fee: € 40,-
All year
Foreign language tour: + € 15,-

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