Große Kreisstadt Donauwörth - barrierefreie Version

Wappen Donauwörth

Feast of the Gods

Art-historical tour with contemplation of J.B. Enderle's ceiling fresco.
Johann Baptist Enderle, a local Rococo painter, has painted many churches and banquet halls with his 'airy' colours and 'dense' compositions. In Donauwöth's House of the Teutonic Order, he created his most famous ceiling fresco – “The Feast of the Gods” (approx. 1780). Another fresco is “The Wedding of Thetis and Peleus”.

Duration: approx. 30 – 45 min
Maximum of 50 persons per group
Fee: € 20,-
Booking request: +49 906 789 180, Dr. Seuffert

All year

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