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Wappen Donauwörth

On the trail of the "Riesmeteorit"

"Kalvarienberg" Geotope, Donauwörth-Wörnitzstein
The striking rock on which the Kalvarienberg Chapel is located was flung to our area 15 million years ago, during a meteorite impact. This ruin region in the South-Eastern foothills gives impressive insights into the geology of the Ries. Thus, the geological outcrop of the "Kalvarienberg" Geotope shows impressive rock parts with different disruption degrees. The round walk leads directly to the banks of the Wörnitz River. This river, with its exciting history, has left its mark on the countryside and is habitat for a species-rich animal and plant life. If requested, a visit of the Kalvarienberg Chapel is also possible.

Dauer: 1,5 hours, about 1,7 km
Participants: 30 persons max.
Fee: 55,- €
Detailed information: tel. 09080 921958 oder 0152 06027028, Geopark Ries-guide Eva Wenninger

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