Große Kreisstadt Donauwörth - barrierefreie Version

Wappen Donauwörth

The history of Donauwörth told in stories

Do you prefer to learn about Donauwörth's history based on many stories and anecdotes? Then we welcome you warmly at this guided tour!
Our tour leads us right through the centuries in narrative style. Enjoy witty anecdotes from the rich town history that are suitable for the whole family. While the adults can learn about the historic importance of the former free imperial town of Donauwörth, our kids can look forward to discovering many secrets and to looking for the hidden code of arms. This guided tour is designed as a stroll, is to arouse the participants' curiosity and is to animate the participants to profit from the many sightseeing and leisure activities in Donauwörth.

Duration: 75 - 90 min.
25 participants max.
Fee: 40,- €

Guided tour for single persons:
from Mai until Sept.: Saturday/Sunday/Holiday (1.30 pm eachtime)
Fee: from 2,50 € per person
Meeting point: Liebfrauenmünster, bus stop Reichsstraße

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