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Wappen Donauwörth

The Adventures of the Wörnitznixe and the Kaibachbazi

Guided tour for children and families
The Wörnitznixe, a little mermaid living in the Wörnitz river, and her friend Kaibachbazi, a little boy who lives at the Kaibach creek, are the main characters of Donauwörth's children's book "Die Wörnitznixe und ihre Freunde" ("The Wörnitz mermaid and her friends"). They live along the rivers Wörnitz and Danube and in all the little creeks around town. Author Friederike Rieger and illustrator Sonja Strobel describe the life in and around the rivers and creeks of Donauwörth.

Duration: 150 minutes
Maximum of 25 persons per group
For children from 5 - 11 years
Fee: € 50,-
Detailed Information: phone 0049 906 / 4851, Mrs. Friederike Rieger,

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