Große Kreisstadt Donauwörth - barrierefreie Version

Wappen Donauwörth

Discover medical plants and herbs

Guided theme tour around Donauwörth
Experience the rich world of herbs, spices and medical plants. They are a source of health and well-being. Enjoy this tour with all senses, you will smell and taste different herbs, feel the different textures and enjoy the bright colours. Your tour guide will explain the value and effect of different medical plants and will give you useful pieces of wisdom about herbal medicines. You will learn which wild herbs and flowers are edible and how to use them in the kitchen.

Duration: 90 minutes
Maximum of 5 - 20 persons per group
Fee: € 8,- per person / € 6 for members of the Kneipp Society

Detailed information: phone 0049 906 / 28644, Mrs. Lieselotte Schindle,

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