Große Kreisstadt Donauwörth - barrierefreie Version

Wappen Donauwörth


Donauwörth offers an abundance of sights from its heyday as "Free Imperial Town". At that time, the town was one of the country's major taxpayers.
Many buildings show the busy life of the old trading centre with its Danube port, which used to be the largest in Swabia. After the Second World War with its dreadful destruction, Donauwörth has recovered to become both a modern regional centre and a town which is still showing the charm of the past. Strolling around the town will not only leave you with an intensive impression of the historical past, but also of the art of urban development, such as the successful renovation of the "Ried" island- the oldest part of the town - with its completion in 2000.

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