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Wappen Donauwörth

Mozart between Danube and Ries

To celebrate the Mozart Year in 2006, several North Swabian towns, communities and institutions have aligned to found the association "Mozart between Danube and Ries". After the jubilee, the association has successfully continued to organize concerts in the region.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791) visited the Donau-Ries and Dillingen regions several times. It is said that his father's ancestors lived in Bavarian Swabian. They used to settle west of Augsburg and moved to the Fugger town Augsburg in the 17th century.
Therefore, Mozart often traveled there to visit them. About 230 years later, the towns and communities of Donauwörth, Nördlingen, Kaisheim and Biberbach aligned with the organizers of the Leitheim Castle Concerts, with the Kulturkreis Mertingen and the Association Rieser Kulturtage. Together, they promote the artistic, cultural, educational and scientific value of Mozart's life and work.

Since the jubilee year of 2006, the region has staged numerous top-class events and classical concerts in the region. For the latest events, please visit « zurück