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Wappen Donauwörth

Family Holidays

Would you like to spend your family holidays in Donauwörth?
We invite you to spend some carefree, funny holidays in Donauwörth. Boredom doesn't stand a single chance:

Donauwörth - your ideal starting point for family outings to many different sights and attractions:
  • LEGOLAND Germany in Günzburg (50 km from Donauwörth)
  • palaces and castles:
    Harburg (12 km), Leitheim (11 km), Wallerstein (32 km), Baldern (40 km), Pappenheim (34 km), Willibaldsburg in Eichstätt (50 km), and many more
  • Dehner Gardening-Centre and Show-Gardens in Rain/Lech (14 km)
  • Augsburger Puppenkiste, the world famous puppet theatre, the zoo and the botanical garden in Augsburg (45 km)
  • summer sledging in Pleinfeld (50 km)
  • thermal baths and indoor wave pool in Treuchtlingen ( 32 km)
  • caves in Riesbürg (35 km)
  • fossil-quarry in Solnhofen, Altmühltal (30 km)
  • historic town tours in Donauwörth and all neighbouring towns:
    Höchstädt, Dillingen, Neuburg, Wemding, Nördlingen, Oettingen, Harburg, Rain, Monheim, Treuchtlingen, Weißenburg, Augsburg, and many more
  • indoor playground "Mucholino"
  • indoor-volleyball
  • library with internet café
  • climbing hall "Kraxlstadl"
  • 18-hole-golf parc
  • 3 museums
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • cinema
  • bike and boat rental
Tourist information centre Donauwörth
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