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Wappen Donauwörth

Events for children

You would like to arrange a weekend for the whole family? You are searching for a special destination for a family outing or group tour? You would like to celebrate you child's birthday in a very special way? Or would you like to discover nature? Or show your children or grandchildren what you used to play when you were young?
Donauwörth offers a range of special programmes called "Kinderzeit"

Learning and educational programmes:
Donauwörth offers 22 different educational programmes in 5 museums: Stones Age, Roman Age, Historic Fisher's House, Käthe-Kruse-Doll-Museum, Birthday Party at the Local Museum, and much more!

Tower Diploma and town tours:
During a special tour of the tower of the "Church of Our Holy Lady", children may get the Tower Diploma! Children can also participate in special town tours and learn everything about Donauwörth's exciting history.

Reading and playing:
Every child may collect a copy of the reading and coloring book "Mit Klappi Storch durch Donauwörth" for free!

For more information, please contact the tourist information centre in Donauwörth:

Tourist information centre Donauwörth
Rathausgasse 1
86609 Doanuwörth
phone: 0049 906 789-151
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